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Your words help form a perception; a perception on which others will judge you or your business. Sloppy and incorrect language on your website or in your post – chock full of grammatical errors, misused punctuation and uninspired prose – is a sure-fire way to give off the wrong impression. It correlates laziness, ignorance and an air of unprofessionalism that will definitely jeopardize the message you’re trying to send. On the flip side, nothing makes a more positive and impactful first (and lasting) impression than creative, accurate and effective writing woven throughout the verbiage of your online content. And providing you exactly that is our mission at Page One!

Our Services

Our core services were customized specifically for the digital age.  Insert our unique skill set directly into your marketing strategy for optimal effectiveness.

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Social Media Copy

When your company’s reputation is at stake, sometimes what you don’t say is just as important as what you do.  We’re experts at understanding, then conveying, your company’s unique voice within the particular framework of whichever current social media platforms you utilize.

Freelance web content writer

Website Content

Whether starting a new site from scratch or tuning up an existing one, we’re here to provide you with clean, crisp and concise content that will pique their interest and keep them coming back.

Hire a blogger to write your content

Articles & Blogs

Nothing screams legitimacy and expertise like a comprehensive, well-written article or blog.  Let us help you show the world that you are the authority, the standard-bearer, in your particular field with this effective literary tool.  

A well written LinkedIn profile will help you stand out

LinkedIn Profiles

It’s a crowded, dog eat dog world out there and distinguishing yourself from the pack on LinkedIn is paramount to getting noticed.  We can craft a sleek and compelling bio that will accentuate the positives, eliminate the negatives and showcase you under the brightest light possible.

Have someone else write marketing emails for you

Email Copy

The way we communicate has evolved drastically in the technological age.  Clear, efficacious (and mistake-free) email correspondences with potential clients or existing colleagues is vital to transmitting the exact information or message you want to convey – the way you want to convey it. 

Other Services

And we have you covered for those more traditional writing tasks as well.

Hire a resume writer


Professional Cover Letter Writer

Cover Letters

Write my speech for me

Speech Writing

Creative Writing

Proof reading and editor

Proofreads & Editing


There are multiple ways to engage with Page One but, typically, we work with each client on a project to project basis and calculate an estimate based on your specific requirements and our $65 hourly rate.

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I’m Steve Janowick, founder of Page One, and I’ve been writing professionally for 20 plus years.  I’ve harnessed all that experience and expertise into a service that will help you convey the best “you” possible to that great big world out there.  I take language, particularly the written word, very seriously. Its ability to communicate, inform, persuade, entertain and emote is unparalleled. So, let’s explore all its possibilities together and begin writing the story … that is your success.